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The UDP receives many international students from its different partner universities in more than 70 countries, so that they can study for a semester, do an internship or come for a short period to get to know Chile.


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We have a wide and prestigious international network, which is possible through the formalization of scientific and academic collaborations between our teaching staff and partners in different countries.


Live the internationalization at UDP

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Internationalization is a transversal strategic element that connects the intellectual project of the UDP with the global environment, impacting, amplifying and promoting the development of all its academic dimensions.


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    Valentina Ortiz Galaz

    (ES) Universidad Autonoma de México, México

  • “During my student exchange experience, I have experienced several changes in my academic approach, mainly related to the development of new skills. Entering classes in an unfamiliar environment, I have been forced to cultivate self-confidence and leave behind shyness. Furthermore, in European universities, I have had the opportunity to interact with diverse cultures, not only […]

    Javiera Aspe

    Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain

  • “This experience meant for me to obtain a higher level of essential aim for me to achieve reality in personal and academic terms. Understanding how different European nations exist in the world and in the labor market meant a break and in some cases confirmation of the stereotypes that one holds about different cultures and […]

    Marcos Rebolledo

    Commercial Engineering Student, Universidad de Alicante, Spain

  • “This exchange has allowed me to be a more empathetic person, especially with those companions who are from the region or live alone, because I live it and it is difficult to reconcile the studies with the challenges of the home or the one who does not count with you are looking for help. Consequently, […]

    Vania Maturana, UDP Law School

    Carlos III Univesity, Madrid

  • American University Student: “The thing I love most about stuyding in Chile its the natural beauty and I totally recommend studing at UDP as it is an incredible experience.”

    Nicolás Gónima

    (ES) American University, Estados Unidos

  • “My time in Chile was pivotal not just for my career, but for my personal development in general. My classes at the UDP in particular helped me learn more than I ever have about one of my greatest academic interests, Latin American politics. I was also able to meet many politically active students to participate […]

    Sofia Williamson

    American University, United States

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