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Internationalization at UDP

Internationalization is a transversal strategic element that connects the intellectual project of the UDP with the global environment: impacting, amplifying and promoting the development of all its academic dimensions, including undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. research, innovation and creation.

For UDP, Internationalization is defined as an intentional and transversal process that ensures and facilitates the integration of an international, intercultural and/or global dimension to all levels at our university, with the purpose of improving the quality and relevance of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. research, innovation and creation, contributing in such way to increase the impact and contribution to the global society.

These objectives are materialized through the important links, actions and projects that are generated between the UDP and people and organizations of the global and regional environment to enhance the relevance and quality of their undergraduate and postgraduate educational activities, generation of knowledge in research , innovation and creation, academic and cultural extension and other activities that connect us with our surroundings.

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Since internationalization is a strategic element for our education, research and innovation and outreach and public engagement, four strategic areas have been defined:

Strategic Internationalization Pillars

Global Learning

To promote Internationalization actions at Home (UDP) in an inclusive manner, with programs that include curricular as well as extracurricular activities that strengthen the development of international and intercultural skills.

International Mobility

International Student Mobility seeks to contribute to the training of future professionals by generating an exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge between countries and different cultures through different modalities of international mobility. This can be a traditional semester exchange, short internships, courses, professional practices, etc.

International Cooperation

Support, formalize and coordinate at the institutional level the different actions and programs that foster interaction and collaboration between UDP faculty and their international colleagues, as well as their international mobility and experiences.

Internationalization Management

None of the above would be possible without the support of institutional plans and policies, regulations and protocols that make it possible to implement the strategic actions of internationalization at UDP, at a central level, but above all in each of its Faculties, Research Centers and the Institute of Philosophy.

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