About the UDP

The UDP promotes the international link of its professors and students with the purpose of exposing them to new formative and collaborative experiences with a global emphasis. The international strategy of the UDP aims to strengthen its position as benchmark and to establish networks with foreign universities and institutions relevant to its institutional and academic development. This way, we seek to connect with universities of international prestige to develop programs that encourage not only student and academic exchange but also, joint masters and doctorate degrees, research internships and other activities that allow a stable and continuous relationship.

The strengthening of the quality in undergraduate, graduate and research programs that the UDP has experienced in the recent years has also been present in the international sphere. The international cooperation ties have increased in number and quality; the amount of students and professors of the UDP that have international experiences rises every year; and the amount of the students and professors coming to the UDP has grown as well.

This has meant an integration of the international area as a cross-wide matter on the activities of the university, seeking to impact in the quality of undergraduate, graduate and research programs taking place.