Special Programs for International Students

Every year, the UDP hosts international students in specially designed programs. These special programs include:

  • Classes in Spanish and/or English with professors from the UDP and from students’ home universities.
  • UDP direct enrollment courses or specially designed courses.
  • Academic credit for all coursework.
  • Classes shared with UDP students.
  • Homestay experience.
  • Trips to Valparaíso, Isla Negra, Easter Island, and San Pedro de Atacama.
  • Cultural visits to historical and significant sites in Santiago.
  • Internships in private companies, NGOs, government, and schools.

These programs have a duration of two weeks to a semester. The main academic topics are: public policy, social development, poverty, and culture with a focus on Chile and Latin America.

For more information about these programs, contact: internacional@mail.udp.cl

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